Smarter URLs on artHIVES


A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the unique address that appears in the address bar of the internet browser for each page of your site.

New Shopping Cart for your website coming

We are nearly finished building a shopping cart facility for artHIVES websites. This will allow buyers to purchase from artists with credit card or Paypal. Artists will be able to sell directly from any of their galleries or you will be able to set up their own web store to display just those items which are available to purchase. This new feature will come at no extra cost to subscriptions and best of all there will be 0% commission on sales. Standby for further details in the coming weeks.

New Website soon

At artHIVES have redesigned and rebuilt the artHIVES website. The new look site is a beautiful thing, a visual feast for visitors. The main focus of the new design is artists. We want to send more visitors to artits websites which we all hope will result in more fans, more opportunities and more sales.  The new site is due for release on 19 November 2014

Content is King

The trend for short, snappy content has begun to weaken and the time to invest in information-rich long-form content has come. Allowing you to drill deeply into the benefits of your products and services, long-form content is excellent for providing customers with engaging information and in-depth answers to their questions. However, it is vitally important that your content is accessible. Optimise your content for mobile, break text into readable chunks and consider the potential benefits of long-form videos and podcasts.

Employ a writer

Publishing a book with artHIVES

Need some info on how to get a book published.

Time to integrate your domain name


If you haven't done so yet, it is definatelt time to get your domain name working better for you.


LinkedIn is a fantastic way to connect with potential employers, employees and clients, so you can't afford to let your profile languish. Ideally, you should be logging in every day and making sure that you're interacting with the community and keeping your presence up to date and buoyant.

If you find it a struggle to give your LinkedIn profile the attention it really needs, try these five daily tasks and you'll soon find your presence is given a new lease on life.

1. Get chatting