Smarter URLs on artHIVES


A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the unique address that appears in the address bar of the internet browser for each page of your site.

The artHIVES system uses smarter, easy to read URLs for each webpage called Plain-English URLs.  You also have the option to use Custom URLs to make them even more relevant to the page content.  In most cases the automatically Plain-English URLs generated by arthives will work just fine, but should you wish to alter the URL to make it shorter or easier remember, that can be acheived simply by entering the new URL name into the Custom field on the page you are editing.   In addition, Short URLs are also generated for pages that can be shared on social media.

Here is a brief explanation of the three types of URLs: 

Plain-English URLs
The Plain-English URL is automatically generated depending upon the title you give a Gallery, Artwork or News&Text article. For example the Title of a Gallery is: "Out of the Night | Doggett Street Studio | 18 November - 10 December 2005" The Plain-English URL for this page is:

Custom URLs
You also have the option to edit the Plain-English URL for Gallery, Artwork and News&Text pages. The example above could be changed to: This example, is a URL that is really easy to remember or dictate over the phone.

Short URLs
Short URLs which typically get used in Social Media. This is really useful for Twitter users who has a 140 characters limit per tweet. Short URL work in just the same way as the Plain-English URLs when you send them in an email or type them into a browser. This is how the gallery called "Out of the Night | Doggett Street Studio | 18 November - 10 December 2005" looks as a Short URL: