artHIVES began life as an ASIC registered company in November 2001, with the first site going live in June the following year.  

artHIVES was developed by Doggett Street Studio who had one of the earliest and most dynamic art gallery websites in Australia, regularly publishing and selling exhibitions online since 1998.  It was from this early use of the internet to promote and sell artworks that the concept for artHIVES grew.  

Doggett Street Studio recognised that artists needed a website solution that they would be able to control themselves, whether it was the simple task of adding a new achievement to their CV, publishing a review or creating a gallery of new images. It needed to be something that was dead simple to use and edit with out the user needing any technical knowledge. 

Importantly the artists websites had to be ad-free and unbranded.  The sites also needed to be clean and simple, focusing the attention on the artworks and the artists the sites are designed to showcase. 

It was also essential that the galleries that represent artists were not excluded by an artHIVES website, so artists are given the choice to direct enquires to their gallery or galleries rather than handling all enquiries themselves.

From these prerequisites, today's artHIVES has grown.

© artHIVES and Hinterland Bees

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