Getting Started

When can I start building my website?

As soon as you have completed the registration process an email will be sent to your inbox with your username and password, which will allow you to access your back office and begin the process.

How do I edit my website?

Once you subscribe to artHIVES you are given access to your own back office environment where you can edit all aspects of your website.

Your Back Office is just another section of your website that can only be accessed with your username and password. Any editing you do happens instantly while you are online, however there are options to hide some sections of your site from public access while you are making changes or creating new sections.

From you back office you will find a link to the Instruction Manual, however the back office uses an intuitive design model with most instructions appearing onscreen.

Back Office Screen Shot

Can I get someone else to build my site for me?

Yes, artHIVES can fully manage your website for you, or simply look after certain aspects. To discuss your needs, please CONTACT US

Trouble Shooting

I have subscribed to artHIVES, when will I get my login details?

Your username and password will be immediately and automatically sent to your email address. There could be several reasons for not receiving your member details within a few minutes, including: 
  • problems with your mail server causing a delay in email delivery
  • your inbox is full
  • you may have supplied an incorrect email address when registering
  • Please email if you do not receive your member details.

Why do I get an error message when I try to upload and image to my site?

The most likely cause for this is because the .jpeg or .gif file you are uploading contains an incompatible character like a forward slash or a comma.
File names should only contain alphanumeric, hyphen or under score characters only.
Try changing the file name and uploading again.

Your website address and domain name

What will my artHIVES web address be?

Each new subscriber is given a unique web address so that they can direct people directly to their website. Your address will be www . visualartist . info / yourname

I already own a domain name, can I use it to direct people to my arthives website?

Yes you can, there are two options:

Option 1 - Redirection This option is the simplest to set up. Redirection simply means that if a visitor types your domain name (eg.www. example .com) into a browser, they will then be redirected to your website and then see the arthives URL in the browsers's address bar (eg. www. arthives .com/example).

Option 2 - Full Integration This option is a little more complex to setup, however it is also gives a more professional appearance. When a visitor types your domain name (eg. www. example .com) into a browser, your name remains in the browsers's address bar. Additionally all of your sub pages will retain your domain name (eg. www. example .com/galleries , or www. example. com/news). For more information about this option visit the Linking your own domain name with your website.

How do I fully integrate my domain name with my website?

Use the following steps to fully integrate your domain name with your artHIVES website. You can integrate up to 3 different domain names with your site (eg. www. example .com, www. example .com.au and www. example .net).

STEP 1. In your Back Office click the "domain management" link > enter your domain name in the "New Domain" field > click "Add" NB. The following instructions are for domain names registered through the artHIVES domain name service. It is possible to integrate domains registered through other companies, however the process will most likely vary.

STEP 2. Login into your domain name Management page > select the domain name you wish to link > Click "Administer"

STEP 3. If Redirection has been setup > Click "Disable Redirector"

STEP 4. Click the "Domain Name" link > In the "Host Name" fields (at the bottom of the page) enter ns1.partnerconsole.net (in the first field), ns2.partnerconsole.net (in the second field), ns3.partnerconsole.net (in the third field) > Click "Update Name Servers.

STEP 5. Click "Return to Domain Menu" (at the top of the page) > Click "Zone Manager" NB. If you see a message saying "Zone Manager Not Enabled" please contact us.

STEP 6. Click the "A" to Add a new A record > In the "Name" field enter your domain name but do not include the www (eg. example.com) > In the Host field enter > the "ttl" field should already display 3600 > Click "Add Record"

STEP 7. Click the "CNAME" in the "Name" field enter "*" > In the Host field enter park.partnerconsole.net > the "ttl" field should already display 3600 > Click "Add Record"

STEP 8. Click the "CNAME" again, this time in the "Name" field enter "www" > In the Host field enter www. arthives .com > the "ttl" field should already display 3600 > Click "Add Record" STEP 8. Give it some time - you are finished integrating your domain name with your website but it may take up to 72 hours to start working, however we generally find it only takes a few minutes to an hour.

I already have a domain name parked at another host, can I still forward it to my artHIVES website?

Yes, most probably. You will have to contact your host where your domain name is parked to make sure this is possible. Some hosts may not be able to forward your domain name directly to your artHIVES website address and may only be able to forward it to www. visual artist .info. If this is the case you will have to change your artHIVES username to match your second level domain name, the part of your domain name Located immediately to the left of the dot (" . ") Example: If John Smith buys www. john art. com, he may have to change his username to johnart

How do I buy or transfer my own domain name?

To find out more about buying and forwarding your own domain name visit the Frequently Asked Questions at www.artHIVES-domains.com

Site Expandability

How many images can I upload to my website?

You can create as many galleries of images and add as many images to each gallery as you like. Each website initially has has a 150 megabyte allowance for image storage (this equates to 2500 x 60 kilobyte images). You can purchase additional memory space if you need it. Please refer to our Costs and Services page for more information

How do I increase my Megabyte upload limit for images stored on my website?

Once you have used 85% of your allocated space a new link will appear in your back office which you can use to order more memory space. Memory space will not be available until your payment has been processed by artHIVES, so it is recommended that you invest in additional memory when you have used 85 percent of your existing quota.

How many news and text articles can I upload to my website?

You can create as many news an text articles as you like.

Getting Found on Search Engines

I have activated my website, however it is not being found by google, what can I do?

Google does a web crawl periodically after which time your site will start to appear in their search results. We have found that this could take a couple of months, however it could happen tomorrow. You can submit a site to google, but this is really unnecessary because artHIVES is already known to the google web crawler - and therefore your site should be found during the next web crawl.

How can I increase the chances of my site appearing on search engines?

We are quite pleased to know that most artHIVES sites are now appearing on the first page of search results in Google when searching by name. If your site is not there yet there may be a simple reason. Search engines work by searching for key words on your website, in particular your home page. For this reason it is important that the text on your home page contains words which people might use to find your website. Make sure you have your name and include words that describe your art practice and where you work. There are many other factors which influence how your site is found by search engines, but always remember that content is king.