Graham Davis exhibits at BMGArt

BMGArt Gallery in Adelaide will be exhibiting a series of new oil paintings by Graham Davis. Having been known in Queensland for his free flowing and relaxed ink paintings, this exhibition represents a strong development in his art. The exhibition will comprise up to 40 works and opens on 17th April 2015 and continues until 9 May 2015.

Graham began the series of oil paintings in 2013 inspired by the new and exciting environment he found after moving to South Australia from Queensland. Concentrating on such phenomena as the fleeting moment when sunlight shoots across a slope like a streak of fire in early or late in the day, or when a hillside appears before you as a two-dimensional composition of varying mist intensities. Otherwise striking spatial landscape events or contrasting natural colour seem to have continually unveiled themselves as inspiration.

Graham has been impressed and deeply affected by the natural beauty and visual nature of the environment, man made and natural. From dilapidated stone and tin sheds to farmhouses and grander establishments the older architecture is often regional and striking, with many wonderful aspects to observe in the way a building sits in the landscape or is silhouetted against the sky. Farm animals and a rich variety of natural fauna complete the picture. Green fields of ripening vines and orchards full of fruit trees in January usually transform through an amazing series of yellows, oranges and reds to Winter garb with the bare structure of things keenly visible.

The paintings have been executed mostly in oil paint on canvas, with some pieces on linen. All are landscapes, abstracted and semi-abstracted, and express a reaction to different landforms, spirits and moods of parts of South and Central Australia. Rich solid colours have been applied in fairly heavy impasto style to engender a three-dimensional sense to the works. The works vary in size depending on theme, panoramic nature, detail or abstraction of concept. At times using eccentrically proportioned canvases to emphasise the “view slice”, the intention is to arrest the view or idea and intensify it with a super real presence by means of colour and rich worked texture.

Along with the image possibilities and graphic content offered by the two-dimensional canvas he wants the works to have a solid, almost sculptural feel in depicting spirit, presence and atmosphere.

BMGArt is located at 444 South Road, Marleston South Australia 5033, Gallery Hours Tuesday - Friday 11.00 am - 5.00 pm Saturday 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm