HyperSigns Solo Show

Sydney artist Elliott Nimmo exhibited his solo exhibition, HyperSigns, at the National Art School this February. The body of work, developed over the course of his MFA, is an exploration into advertising and fashion imagery as a subject for painting.

'The work is about exploring advertising and fashion imagery as painted images,' says Nimmo in his Darlinghurst studio. 'There are directly appropriated works of campaigns from the likes of Lanvin, Céline and Stella McCartney, along with composite images sourced from a variety of media. Now, more than ever, the worlds of fashion and art co-exist, and so it's ripe subject matter for a body of work.'

Riding on his recent success as as winner of the Korea Australia Art Foundation Youth Prize, Nimmo will be undertaking an artist residency in Leipzig, Germany, this May. 'I'm really keen to get working on a large scale. Leipzig is the mecca for figurative painting, and I want to tap into the influence of Neo Rauch and Matthias Weischer.' After his three month sojourn in Europe, Nimmo will return to Sydney briefly, before taking up his awarded residency in Seoul, South Korea. 'I couldn't believe it when I won the prize - an absolute surprise!'

HyperSigns is up only briefly, from February 18-20, but the exhibition can be viewed online.

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