John Waters on reflection

South Australian artist John Waters' exhibition On Reflection will be showing at Frances Keevil Gallery, Bay Village, Double Bay, NSW between from 5 - 24 May 2015.  The exhibition is to be opened by Howard Bersten, Director TLB Engineers on Saturday the 9 May between 5 and 7pm.  The exhibition comprises oil paintings whose craftsmanship and composition reflects the artists previous career as an architect.

In his statement about this current series of works, John states "The ability to reflect is an interesting human gift. In moments of reflection we become more aware and sensitive to our surroundings, our world. At the same time we contemplate our memories and hopes. Somehow we combine our past stories and future dreams in the present to experience moments of clarity and calm.

In my work I strive to inspire these feelings of clarity and calm and to encourage wonder, intrigue and reflection through unexpected yet complementary, often dreamlike combinations of elements. Landscapes, skyscapes, architectural forms, personal mementos and worlds within worlds are transformed and fused in an attempt to create beautiful, unified compositions and paintings."

Frances Keevil Gallery Bay Village 28 - 34 Cross Street Double Bay NSW 2028 t: 02 9327 2475