New performative video exhibition

Athene Currie’s new exhibition "Méconnaissance – New Rites of Passage” officially opens at Queensland College of Art Griffith University’s POP Gallery Thursday, 4 August 2016, 6 – 8 pm.

These performative videos act as a rite of passage, the desire to find the true or whole self in the transformation through midlife. Jacques Lacan used the term méconnaissance to designate an imaginary misrecognition, reflecting ones mistaken identity. This transition through midlife where self is thrown into question, can be described as a time of reflection, to remove masque or identities we have assumed and undergo transformation towards coming times.
POP Gallery, 27 Logan Road, Woolloongabba is open Wednesday to Sunday, 10am-4pm, Thursday, 12pm-8pm until 14 August 2016.