Robyn Bauer's Brisbane Stories

Robyn Bauer will be holding a large solo exhibition entitled Brisbane Stories celebrating aspects of life in Brisbane including the suburbs, the river, the city, and the Ekka, through paintings, prints and drawings. Robyn was Artist in Residence at the 2016 Royal Queensland Show and she will be including work done on location as part of this residency.

I have called this exhibition Brisbane Stories because although it builds on my last show Paradise Found - Close to Home, the really new thing about this recent work is the narrative or story element I have tried to include. There are a lot more figures in these paintings and instead of just showing different scenes of Brisbane I have made LIFE my main focus. The lives of the people, the trees, the animals.

I have tried to indicate this response to life by trying to reflect a sense of a real place and a real time with real actions taking place. I believe you can get to the "universal" through the "specific" and by studying my own location so closely, I feel I can read its body language and try and interpret that for my viewers.

I am a great walker and I work on location quite a lot. I notice things and I appreciate the humour and pathos in the everyday. I have not shied away from including the street "furniture" of signage, overhead wires, and things that many perceive as ugly or "in the way" of a picturesque view. I also observe light and what it does to objects. To me the tonal qualities are more important than the colour, and the negative spaces between people and objects are vitally important. - like the spaces and silences in music.  Robyn Bauer, September 2016

Exhibition dates 11-23 October at the Petrie Terrace Gallery, Royal Queensland Art Society, 162 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane. Gallery Hours 10am-5pm every day. The artist will be in attendance each day of the exhibition.