Walking through French Fields

This exhibition brings together works inspired by Donna Malone’s recent study tour. Last year Donna spent months travelling through the European summer where the artist became entrenched in European ways of life.

In the South of France she used her time drawing and recording the language and ethos of her age-old surroundings while in Venice, in the crumbling basement of a palace on one of the city’s many small canals, she became increasingly exhilarated to find herself impulsively deconstructing and reconstructing her earlier French work… as well as her own aspirations.

Donna’s medium is drawing/mark making and paper collage. For the works in this display, she’s employed a range of mixed media including ink, paint, charcoal and found papers. Always an instinctual artist she relies on improvisation and spontaneity to create her marks and images.

Since returning from her travels Donna’s collages and drawings have captured a profound and more authentic quality. Mixing with international artists in France and Italy and being exposed to the wealth of European masterpieces housed in the art galleries she visited have simultaneously challenged her practice and validated her notions of what being an Artist is and, indeed, what makes Art what it is.

Walking through French Fields will be opened at Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery on 11 April 2015 from 4-6pm by Bruce Heiser, Director, Heiser Gallery and continue until 24 May 2015.